The town of Kissamos is essentially the centre of the Municipality of Kissamos, flanked by two promontories and situated between the sea and the mountains. Enfolded in the Kissamos Bay, it is the base for expeditions and easy access to the more central locations of the Municipality of Chania. The town of Kissamos does not have an airport and the closest airport and harbour are those of Chania.



  • Skalidi Street
  • Telonio Beach
  • Traditional Cretan restaurants
  • Hospitality
Discover Kissamos

Kissamos might be the centre of the municipality, very close by there might be 3 destinations famous the world over (Elafonisos, the Balos Lagoon and Falassarna), yet it remains completely untouched and authentic. The mass tourism that floods Crete every summer is yet to conquer the town of Kissamos which though it has everything (Health Centre, banks, shops, hotels, offices etc), it still keeps the principals of family and Cretan hospitality intact. In the town and villages of Kissamos you will not find touristy meals or inhospitable people. You will find family businesses, people who respect and love the visitor, the newcomer, just a little bit more.