Kissamos has a long history, folklore and beautiful places worth visiting to admire. The Maris Fountain, the archaeological museum of Kissamos, the historic Skalidis street once the commercial centre of Kissamos, the Telonio Beach, are just some of the attractions and the places worth visiting at the centre of the town of Kissamos. Of course, Kissamos has an everlasting treasure tucked away in its villages, and that’s its people and its culture.
Let’s discover together the attractions worth seeing.


For many years now Telonio Beach is Kissamos’ meeting point. Along the length of the cobblestone road you can find cafes, traditional and other restaurants, bars and clubs. It starts east and extends almost to the municipal sports ground of Kissamos, about 1Km further east. It is essentially the westernmost part of a huge beach that starts from Kissamos and goes as far as Nopighia, many kilometres to the east.


It is not known when the Maris Fountain was constructed but it has never ceased running. It is situated in the centre of the town of Kissamos, next to the historic centre and the traditional Skalidis Street. To the east is the Mari manor, the first double-storey building of traditional architecture in Kissamos. The Mari manor is one of the…


The once upon a time commercial center of Kissamos, the old market area that enfolded all the buzz of the town with historic shops and personalities. Every inch of Skalidis Street has a different story to tell.


The Sand Dunes (or Komolithi) is one of the most bizarre and interesting landscapes in Crete. Near the valley of Tyflos River, about 35Km west of Chania, the Sand Dunes are within the administration boundaries of Kissamos.