Crystal waters, golden sand,endless beach…a blessed place to be.

Falassarna is located 59 kilometers west of Chania and 12 kilometers west of Kissamos. Falassarna is now one of the most famous destinations in Crete, both for its beaches and for ecological interest. Falassarna is part of the Natura 2000 network, both due to its variety of flora and fauna and as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Falassarna beach has been voted the most beautiful beach of Crete and is rated as one of the 10 best beaches in all of Europe.


  • Blue flag
  • Free parking
  • Water Sports
  • Traditional restaurants
  • The sunset
  • The view on your way down to Falassarna
Discover Kissamos

It has crystal clear waters and wonderful white and pink sand. When the wind picks up and sea waves begin to come in one after the other, this is the best time for windsurfing lovers to arrive. Indeed an absolute adrenalin rush, not only for those who take part in the sport but also for those who delight in watching windsurfers “play” with the waves created by nature.
The beach of Falassarna extends over a very large area (about 3 kilometres from one end to the other). For practical purposes the locals have given names to different parts of the beach, for example, “Bourouni”, “Kalami”, “Agia Paraskevi” e.t.c. The most famous part of the beach Falassarna is called Pachia Ammos (Bourouni, Avoratias & Gulisma) it’s an exotic wide sandy beach about 1 kilometre long.

All the beaches we have mentioned so far are organised and you can find there all the modern comforts. You can have a wonderful time either lying under the sun or doing any water sport you wish for. The beaches meet all standards and justly, there are 2 Blue Flags (Pachia Ammos).

Falassarna is ideal for those wishing to spend their holiday in a quiet place with beautiful beaches and the option for many excursions. It is also an idyllic place for couples in love, as here you will enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Crete.

Falassarna is neighbouring with the village of Platanos. It is a big, pretty village, one of the biggest of the Prefecture of Chania. It belongs to the Municipality of Kissamos and it is only 40 min. (by car) from the city of Chania. Built at an altitude of 240m, it is the ideal spot for combining beach and mountain, as it is a mere 5Km from pretty Falassarna.

It got its name from the sycamore tree, very old now, in the centre of the small picturesque square of the village. It has been standing there for centuries, since the time of the Turks.
As the limerick goes…

My Mediterranean sycamore, how proudly you’re standing…

You can find all the information you need about Platanos and the Falassarna region in the tourist guide prepared with such enthusiasm by the association of the locals: