Don’t look for the pill that substitutes Cretan diet.

There is no such thing.

Serge Renaud, 1998

As it is proven by scientific studies and as the international bibliography corroborates, Cretan diet is the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

Taking into account the results of researches that correlate diet with health, the superiority of the Cretan Diet is affirmed when compared to other models in the Mediterranean basin but also the rest of the world, as far as its advantages and benefits to longevity and chronic conditions (cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes etc.) are concerned.

The ‘Seven Country Study’ provides indisputable evidence of the value of the Cretan diet and the importance of foods included in the Cretan model (like olive oil, vegetable fibre, fresh in-season fruits and vegetables, pulses) for maintaining a healthy diet and life style, which has shielded Cretans from some serious illnesses of the western world.

Today, the Cretan Diet and the local products are claiming the position and recognition they deserve. Faced with repeated dietary scandals and the threatening dimensions of the harmful consequences of the modern and demanding way of life to our health, it is almost imperative to adopt the principals of the Cretan dietary model as much for youngsters as for adults.

When we say Cretan Diet, we are essentially referring to a more generic way of life and we should not ignore the factors that possibly contributed to its beneficial effects, like:

Physical activity

Fixed meal times and

The fact that meals were a pleasant social experience, in contrast to the high percentage of people that consume TV dinners, a habit associated with overeating.

The recognition of the particularity of the ‘Cretan dietary model’ is today a strong competitive advantage of Crete. As societies and economies evolve and the social behaviour and standards change, it is deemed important as never before to return both within and outside the Island to a healthy dietary model that will be based on local, quality products, which is considered the healthiest diet possible worldwide.